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tuesdays – special edition #3 – watches worn by u.s. presidents

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seal of the president of the united states

the president of the united states is often referred to as the most powerful person in the world. so what kind of watch could actually be fitting for a person with such a supreme title?

well, in honor of president’s day, which was actually yesterday, i am going to show you some of the watches worn by former u.s. presidents as well as the watch worn by our 44th and current president, mr. barack obama.

so without further ado, i present to you: watches worn by the leaders of the free world.

how fitting that the ever cool jfk wore a cartier tank

john f. kennedy – jfk was known to wear a few watches including the omega speedmaster professional, rolex day-date, and his personal favorite – the cartier tank given to him by his wife jackie kennedy. unfortunately, jfk was wearing his cartier tank on november 22, 1963, the day he was assassinated.

lyndon b. johnson – lbj (not to be confused with lebron james) was commonly known to favor the rolex day-date which he wore proudly during his 6 years as president after jfk was assassinated.

richard nixon – as with many former u.s. presidents, richard nixon was known to wear a vulcain cricket. i wonder if he was wearing it during watergate?

bill clinton's choice? the panerai luminor marina

bill clinton – clinton is probably the most avid watch collector among u.s presidents. he’s been known to wear several high-end watches/brands including the panerai luminor marina, cartier santos-dumont, roger dubois, audemars piguet, rolex, patek philippe and blancpain. i guess when you earn over $10m in speaking engagements as he did in 2010, you can afford a nice watch or two.

harry s. truman - truman wore one of the most unique watches ever created – the flying officer chronograph. the flying officer featured a rotating 12 hour bezel with 48 cities printed around the edges of the face. this unique design enabled flight officers to calculate changes in time as they flew across longitude lines and into new time zones. he was also known to wear a vulcain cricket.

jorg gray 6500 chronograph as worn by barack obama. yes, he did.

barack obama – “bo” likes to relate to the average u.s. citizen. and he does so by wearing a $350 jorg gray 6500 chronograph given to him as a 46th birthday gift by the secret service. barack loves this watch so much that he has worn it at several high-profile events including his presidential victory speech and 2009 inauguration. regardless of how you feel about him and his presidency thus far, he does wear a pretty handsome watch. well done mr. president.

so there you have it. several watches worn by a few people you may have heard of. hope you enjoyed your president’s day!



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  1. Fun trivia:
    The watch was bought for Obama at the Secret Service store in D.C.
    I wonder what other “approved” watches they have in that store!

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